About the Mali Project - The Multiplication Challenge


On June 21, Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska, did something crazy and unheard of - they handed out $20,000 to more than 300 people in amounts ranging from $20 to $100.  These people were then given the challenge of multiplying this money over the summer.  The goal is to reach $300,000 that will then be used to bring hope and compassion to women, children and families in Mali through healthcare.





Our History in Helping Mali

In 2006, Christ Community Church raised nearly $1.5 million and opened a hospital for women and children. Something had to be done in this country where 1 in 10 women died during child bearing, 1 in 8 babies died in childbirth, and 1 in 4 children died before the age of 5.

In the nearly 10 years the hospital has been open, they have delivered more than 16,000 healthy babies, saved countless women’s lives, and treated thousands of children with malaria, cancer, HIV and other diseases. The hospital has become the primary source of advanced health care for half a million women and children. During this time, several rural clinics also have opened to bring basic health services, maternity services, clean water, and critical food supplies to far away, hard-to-reach locations.

The numbers in Mali are getting better – only 1 in 28 women die today in child bearing, 1 in 10 babies die in childbirth, and 1 in 5 children die before the age of 5. Yet the work is nowhere close to being complete. There are still millions of families in rural locations without access to basic modern healthcare. Millions of people still have no clean water and 1 in 5 children are malnourished.


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Mali Project -  

Bringing Hope                  Through Health....
Your $5 Coffee Means
  • 20 nutritious meals for a malnourished child

  • 4 months of clean water for a family

  • 1 week of HIV medication for an infected baby

  • 1 life-saving cancer treatment for a child

  • 2 mosquito nets to protect a family from Malaria